Monday, May 9, 2016

The Room (2003) links page, featuring "OSW Boys Job The Room"

  • Amazingly this film cost $6million to make.
  • Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced, funded, promoted and starred
  • Wise filmed the entire film with 38mm AND HD video cameras side-by-side, each with different crews. 
  • Even then, Wiseau fired both crews mid-way through
  • 2 characters quit midway through the film
  • Actress Juliette Danielle refused to do a second sex scene with Wiseau, and this scene had to be spliced together using out-takes from the first sex scene. 
  • None of the actors saw the full script, instead receiving their lines at the start of the day, leading many to believe that Wiseau wrote them the night before.
  • Wise has since tried to claim the film was in fact a dark comedy, and he was in on the joke--no-one is buying it. 

...and here's a run-down on Tommy Wiseau from the Huffington Post.

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